Main tasks and responsibilities:

• Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort
• Provide the team with a vision of the project objectives
• Motivate and inspire team members
• Lead by setting a good example (role model) – behavior consistent with words
• Coach and help develop team members; help resolve dysfunctional behavior
• Facilitate problem solving and collaboration
• Strive for team consensus and win-win agreements
• Ensure discussions and decisions lead toward closure
• Intervene when necessary to aid the group in resolving issues
• Assure that the team members have the necessary education and training to effectively participate on the team
• Encourage creativity, risk-taking, and constant improvement
• Recognize and celebrate team and team member accomplishments and exceptional performance

• University degree (preferably technical or economic studies);
• Previous experience of 3-5 experience in telecom sales;
• Proven experience in managing projects / processes;
• Fluency in English;
• Solid computer skills (proficient in databases);
• Soft skills: proactive, shows initiative, communication, conflict management;
• Proven experience to work under pressure and manage to meet deadlines, prioritize workload and adapt to changing priorities;
• Previous experience in focus on customer problem solving